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"The Invisible Injury."

Trauma can be understood as anything that overwhelms us.

 It can be a one off incident such as an accident, natural disaster, medical procedure, crime, death and other violent events.  Or ongoing and sustained events, such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect, combat, and domestic violence. 

It can lead to the loss of functioning in particular areas of life and symptoms such as anxiety, depression, chronic insomnia, panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, body memories, physiological hyperarousal etc.  This may be lead to a diagnosis of PTSD or a Dissociative Disorder (DDNOS / DID) or another related diagnosis. 

I integrate Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems which are internationally recognised effective approaches to working with trauma. 

I work in a recognised three stage approach to trauma which is:

Phase 1
Stabilise and Calm

Firstly, we will work together to help you stabilise and experience some safety: through developing skills, maintaining daily life and helping you understand what is happening with the use of psycho-education (information).  In this phase we will work to steady some of the symptoms of trauma that you are experiencing and support you to build some resilience, foster self-care and sooth and contain overwhelming feelings and symptoms.

The Flock

Phase 2
Lay Traumatic Memories to Rest

Secondly, once there is sufficient stability we will work with the trauma at a deeper level to process the trauma.  In this phase, what has previously been too overwhelming to be able to face can be addressed.  This means that over time it can lose its power.

The Flock

Phase 3

Build a New Life Free from Trauma

And thirdly in this stage, we will work together to support you to build the new and fulfilling future you desire.

The Flock
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